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Job Ref. ID:  20335 
Job Title: HVAC Engineer
Division: Maintenance - HVAC Section
Work Location: UAE (RAK head office)
Job Type: HVAC Engineer
Employment Type: Full Time Employment (Un-limited Contract)
Job Description:
Purpose: The Assistant Engineer (HVAC Section) will adhere with the cGMP principles and maintain them in effective manner. He will be responsible for BMS Monitoring, Operating, Control, Signing & authorizing the related documents.
Key responsibilities & Accountability: Responsible for HVAC System in Admin, R&D, JI, JIII, JV, JVI, JVIII & JX. • To plan and schedule the shift operations for all day with staff rotation. • To ensure all the equipment’s are Operated and Maintained as per supplier’s recommendation, ensuring training and proper placement of technicians. • To read , prepare and implement all the related HVAC SOPs and keep necessary record of Preventive Maintenance Programme in order to present at any time for the inspection and audit of various Regulatory Authorities • To organize and maintain related equipment manuals, drawings and to ensure the timely fulfillment of Daily Activity Log sheets, Equipment History Records and work Order and invoicing sheets. • To initiate and undertake (after work permit approval) any modification in order to enhance the equipment productivity or product quality. • To initiate and undertake (after approval) local manufacturing of any part of complete equipment in order to effectively participate in companies output and cost saving. • To follow-up and ensure timely availability of all kind of spares of related equipment by effective forecasting and ordering. Also to ensure the specification during spare parts ordering in coordination with equipment manual and supplier coordination. • To ensure the related area and equipment area at all time presentable by following good safety & housekeeping practice. • To guide individual departmental staff to perform the given tasks technically ensuring discipline, inter changeability and most important to develop alternatives at each level. • To prepare and implement Job Description of each of your staff in order to ensure clear responsibility and accountability and to implement an effective call on system at all levels for round the clock coverage for any breakdown or emergency situation. • Coordinate with calibration section for calibration and of sensors and gauges related to the HVAC System • Coordinate SAP coordinator to complete all the notifications from both different users or planned preventive Maintenance notification, and order the required spare parts via SAP system from engineering store. • Writing and Updating the SOP. • To read and follow maintenance SOP’s • To follow safety during work
   - Education • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or equivalent.
   - Experience: At least 5 years’ experience working in the Pharma Engineering field
   - Training:
Key Competencies: • Excellent management skills. • Effective oral and written communication skills. • Has positive mind-set attitude. • Effective encouragement skills. • Strong Analytical skills. • Knowledgeable with the materials and equipment that requires to use in AC Maintenance.  
Technical Competencies: • Knowledgeable with all types of air conditioning, its parts and operation. • Understands all aspects of air-conditioning installation and maintenance.  


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