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Job Ref. ID:  50412 
Job Title: Demand Planner
Division: Supply Chain
Work Location: UAE (RAK head office)
Job Type: Demand Planner
Employment Type: Full Time Employment (Un-limited Contract)
Job Description:
Purpose: Demand Planner – the role holder is responsible to support effective forecast models based on trends and ‎demand patterns, create planning processes of demand, work closely with management, material, inventory, ‎supply chain and sales teams in demand planning operations, to meet customer service and total delivered cost ‎objectives. ‎ Responsible to follow-up with Sales and Operations Team on orders management, measure Forecast accuracy ‎and suggest new Ideas to improve the process and work closely with Demand Planning Manager & management ‎team on preparing for Demand review meetings. You should be professional, highly-analytical, and possess ‎excellent communication skills. Also have an in-depth knowledge of advanced mathematical and forecasting ‎policies
Key responsibilities & Accountability: • Support and develop effective forecast models based on trends and demand patterns.‎ • Ensure ABC, XYZ segmentation of products is done and revisited every 6 months per market per ‎product ‎ • Follow-up with Sales and Operations Team on orders management, Order updates each month ‎ • Ensure that New Products Forecast is on the IBP system and revised with Marketing ‎ • Generating Statistical, Baseline Forecast for to Market Sales for 24 months based on open orders and ‎algorithms.‎ • Make sure outliers are removed from the system and Data Cleansing is done monthly ‎ • Manage Inventory of Finished goods in Julphar Plant & in the markets to ensure replenishment system ‎is in place in markets and Safety Stock levels are met in all markets to minimize out of stock and over ‎stock and manage effectively working Capital Levels.‎ • Measure Forecast accuracy, bias & variance on IMS, TMS and Order levels per Market per SKU based ‎on priority, ABC & XYZ analysis and report it Monthly using dashboards ‎ • Report Finished Goods Inventory Levels in Julphar Plant and in Markets and highlight any major threats ‎in order to take action • Responsible to prepare planning processes and generate reports about new programs, plans, and ‎procedures, work closely with management, material, inventory, supply chain and sales teams in ‎demand planning operations.‎ • Handle and support all general planning issues for the department and reviewed development ‎proposals to ensure compliance with codes and regulations.‎ • Support Distribution Requirements Planning / Replenishment while Determines and ensures execution ‎of deployment strategies for Finished Goods i.e. push vs pull • Maintain metrics and analyze data to assess performance and implement improvements • Suggest new Ideas to improve the process and work closely with Manager Demand Planning on ‎preparing for Demand review meetings ‎
   - Education • ‎4 years Bachelor’s Degree in Supply Chain Management / Logistics / any other related field. ‎
   - Experience: • Must have at least 5-6 years’ experience in the Planning / Supply Chain/ logistics domain in similar ‎industry / FMCG.‎
   - Training:
Key Competencies: • In terms of competency you are highly result oriented with strong sense of accountability & ‎ownership.‎ • You must have excellent understanding of Pharmaceutical Business coupled with strong influencing ‎skills.‎ • Strong communication, interpersonal, and decision skills required • Good on implementation skill having a solution centric mind • Having an Analytical mind with ability to think diversely and understand the big picture of the ‎Organization and must be tough negotiator to ensure Company interest in every possible ‎transactions • Ability to work under pressure, plan personal workload effectively and delegate.‎ • Motivated and highly organized professional and should be able to juggle competing priorities.‎ • Ability to understand new issues quickly and make wise decisions. ‎ • Must possess the understanding on how to align resources and manage others to achieve desired ‎results. ‎ 
Technical Competencies: • Should have handled similar role in the past for better fitment in the role, which is a mandatory ‎prerequisite • Strong Command in both English & Arabic is essential. ‎ • Excellent in MS Office (MS Excel and MS Word, etc.).‎ 


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