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Job Ref. ID:  50484 
Job Title: Research Analyst I
Division: Research & Development
Work Location: UAE (RAK head office)
Job Type: Research Analyst I
Employment Type: Full Time Employment (Un-limited Contract)
Job Description:
Purpose: The role holder is responsible to adhere with the GLP principles and to maintain them in an effective manner. ‎Responsible for Method development, method validation or stability related activities.‎ The research analyst's responsibilities include researching, collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data, and using ‎the data to guide the business's decision-making. A research analyst should be prepared to work in various ‎sectors, such as marketing, business operations, and finance. You should have excellent analytical skills, and must ‎be detail - oriented. ‎
Key responsibilities & Accountability: • Responsible to adhere with the GLP principles and to maintain them in an effective manner.‎ • Accountable for Method development, method validation or stability related activities and assist in ‎formulation development from analytical point of view or opinion.‎ • Analyze operations' results and performing variance analyses.‎ • Provide recommendations and requirements of equipment, instrument and / or reagent required for new ‎Test Methods.‎ • Review of external and internal dossiers, CAPAs and interdepartmental activities • Responsible for carrying out feasibility studies to develop method with low cost concept.‎ • Maintain the equipment in working conditions and arrange calibration when required.‎ • Support Registration department with related requirements for Method and Validation documents.‎ • Post registration and Tender support to fulfill the regulatory requirements ‎ • Organize and storing data for any future research.‎ • Maintain Analytical records and availability of chemicals, glassware and reference standards (working ‎‎/Primary Standards) with COA. ‎ • Accountable to take part of stability study and write protocol and plan for New Stability Indicating Test ‎Method Development, Validation and Part of Bioequivalence study dissolution rate.‎ • Responsible for writing SOP’s for equipment, cleaning and calibration to comply with cGMP & GLP.‎ • Contribute in Technical Package compilation & GLP training.‎ • Coordinate team activities in daily work flow and plan, assign daily job duties to fulfill the plan.‎ • Preform any other work assigned by Manager and support colleagues whenever necessary.‎
   - Education • ‎4 years Bachelor’s degree in in Pharmacy or related Sciences.‎
   - Experience: • At least 3-5 years’ experience in the Product Development/Research and Development from a ‎Pharmaceutical field. ‎
   - Training:
Key Competencies: • In terms of competency you are highly result oriented with strong sense of accountability & ownership.‎ • Strong attention to details and should be Proactive in approach must have a solution centric mind to ‎understand issues and solve them within a stipulated time frame, ability to understand new issues quickly ‎and make scientific decisions. ‎ • You must have excellent understanding of Pharmaceutical Business with strong analytical skills • Strong communication, interpersonal, decision skills required • Motivated and highly organized professional and should be able to juggle competing priorities.‎ • Ability to multitask and easily adapt in a fast-paced environment.‎ • Ability to work under pressure, plan personal workload effectively and delegate.‎ 
Technical Competencies: • Strong Command in English is mandatory (communicating, writing and speaking). ‎ • Proficient user of office management software like MS Office (MS Excel and MS Word, specifically).‎ • Advance knowledge of the related field and always be in the forefront in implementing Best Practices from ‎Industry • Skilled in Science - Using scientific rules and methods to solve problems.‎ • Knowledgeable of the chemical composition, structure, and properties of substances and of the chemical ‎processes and transformations that they undergo. This includes uses of chemicals and their interactions, ‎danger signs, production techniques, and disposal methods.‎ • Knowledgeable of statistics, and their applications.‎ 


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